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Waking up, knowing that nothing's changed.

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smiling! Kyohei
it's official; don't ever listen to me for the sake of making me feel like i'm important.
it's official; don't ever make me sympathize with you because i'm incredibly gullible.
it's official; don't ever talk like i should be a role model cos it's never going to work.
it's official; don't ever be an older sister.

Those moments in your life...
rainy! HK
... when you just feel really down in the dumps. It just kinda hits you even when your day was going just fine. I mean the reason for it this time, I now realized, was because I can be easily influenced by another person's emotions. Like I can feel the tension in the atmoshphere and it lasts for the rest of the day. This time, someone's sadness really affected me, and I've just been lying down feeling the same emotion. An event today really upset them but it's not like I can feel what they feel to the same extent or level. I just feel empty and lost in my thoughts... And honestly I've shedded a tear or two but this is because I cry easily.

I'm pretty sure people have felt this way before just as much as I have (or even more) but I'm not trying to describe or figure out this feeling. Just typing my thoughts like this really does help which is the reason why people do it anyway.

Usually this feeling doesn't last into the next day, which is good. I wouldn't want to cancel out plans with a friend just because of this but thank god that's never happened before. Luckily it only really happens when I'm alone; I don't wanna drag people into a pity-party.

Anyway, tomorrow's another day. Let's just hope the person in mind also feels better as well.

Clamp, Hetalia, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, Cosplay, Manga, etc. [Updated 10/20]
Baseball boyfrans
Hi there, I'm looking to sell some stuff to make room for more, haha~ There are tidbits of this and that. I'll update with more if things go well :)

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Sorry in advance, will be x-posting!

Cosplay woes.
D'aww Belgium~
I noticed I've been posting pretty regularly; about every week or so. I haven't been this active since I first joined.

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Writer's Block: You’ve Got Mail!
D'aww Belgium~
Oh gosh, I check it sometimes unconsciously too! That's how badly it has become a habit...

I do tend to get important emails every two weeks or so, from some communities and actual work. But not only do I check mine everyday, but I refresh it a lot too! If I see an iPhone or computer I can use, I do it... regardless if it's mine or not. Besides from important stuff, I have emails from blogs and social networking sites as well as shopping notifications. I do get emails everyday, it's just that they aren't anything I should be accessing my email address for all the time. It's definitely a hard habit to break, because I can definitely lose out on something noteworthy.

If my email address was to be down for a couple a days... I fear that I might just lose it! Luckily, that hasn't happened before... but if it does, I don't think I'm prepared for it. And here's a funny thought, going on your email address the day when everything ends... and finding out that you finally won a million dollar sweepstakes~ I wonder how I would respond to that, haha~
How many times a day do you access your email account?

What is freedom?
D'aww Belgium~

The title is certainly a keeper, huh? 

It sucks knowing that where I stand in my life, I have absolutely no power. I don't have a right to make a statement or voice my opinion. I try (very often, naturally) and occasionally it does work, but in the end, it's just temporary. Nothing I say will influence my life any more than me saying nothing at all. (Does that make sense?)

"Freedom is a state of mind." I remember saying this a year ago during a discussion. Now that I think about it, I don't understand what I meant. Does that mean that ignorance is bliss? Or does it just mean that if I believe I am free, then I am? The statement sounds very psychological, y'know, something a philosopher might say. But according to society, this is not true. There is no such thing as complete freedom; I'm sure it is very obvious. Is there anyone in this world that has complete control of their life? I'm sure there are a number of people that are successful enough to choose their own path but there are always obstacles-- always something hindering you.

You can't go out into the street and say something negative and expect people to respond positively about it. For example, "I'm going to shoot all the birds because I hate them." Of course, there are those who have the same opinion as you, but they won't just go up to you and say, "Count me in," or something like that. Even those who are on your side will just look at you weird, as if you're an idiot. Why would you say that out loud, they will thinkOn the other hand, the public will judge you, saying that you're a monster, why are you so cruel, and stuff like that.

They are plenty of instances where freedom is hindered. Men are superior to women, racial supremacy, the age for sufferage, all kinds of things. It's almost like, why was freedom even invented if we can't have the whole package? Why give us a sliver of hope when it's just not possible? Of course, it's not like I want the freedom I individually get taken away, (especially right after SOPA/PIPA/ACTA prevention) but sometimes I just sometimes wonder...why?


Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway
D'aww Belgium~
Oh gosh, this took me forever to think of... but I think having a friend like Maeda Keiji from Sengoku Basara would be totally awesome~

The guy's so adorably jolly and he also has this cute little monkey as a pet!

He's all about love and peace, as well as protecting the people who are close to him or any other person in need; now, if you were stuck in the warring eras of Japan, who would you want to be your right-hand man?

Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF? One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.] Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).

Writer's Block: National Hugging Day
D'aww Belgium~

Oh wow, that took me a awhile to think about, haha~

But anyway, the last person I hugged was my high school - turned college friend (she opted to leave high school in her junior year of high school because of the curriculum and went to college instead... a bit odd, but she's doing pretty well over there).

The last time I saw her was when I hugged her about... 2 weeks ago? I happened to stop by the store and she came into work to start her shift.

I haven't seen her since the time she skipped to college so it was a nice change to finally see her and talk and hug her multiple times, lol~

... Now that I think about it, I really need to give out more hugs; not being able to remember who I hugged last might be fine but the fact is that I haven't hug anyone since then is really sad to me!

Who is the last person you hugged?

Random TnC
D'aww Belgium~
He had that faraway look in his eyes.
He was contemplating.
I've never seen him like this before.
Sure he would whine about leaving him alone in the cold, cruel world - but this was different.
He had a genuine forlorn expression plastered on his lovely face.
He looked postively lonely.
That didn't mean that he never was lonely, but he would always seemingly joke about it.
Now that I looked at him, he's like a completely different person.
Had 2 years apart really changed him?
He was staring out into the sunset horizon, his eyes locked on the sun.
I was sure he noticed my presence but he did not show the slightest reaction.
Was he pushing me away?
Ignoring me?
Or was it that he was so engrossed in his thoughts that he actually did not realize that I was just a few feet from him?
Without thinking, I reached out to touch his shoulder.
He flinched; it was as if I had shocked him.
"...Hah..hah," he was gasping for breath.
"Oh, it's j-just you, Shiki."
"What are you doing here?"
"Uh, nothing really," he smiled nervously.
"I was just...um. You know...thinking."
He looked away.
"It's rude to look away, Akira."
"Huh? Oh, I didn't mean to..."
He was fidgetting and trying to figure out what to say.
"...Let's...just go back, Shiki."
He walked swiftly past me, avoiding any eye contact.


Pfft, I wrote this years ago and it's not even a drabble. Just something random when I first got into Togainu no Chi. I found this in the heart of my files, but I couldn't form some kind of ending for it so I just left it as is~

Aww, man.
D'aww Belgium~
Doesn't it suck the most when you're being put down? I mean that is pretty obvious but it has been  happening to me a number of times recently but I usually am able to shake it off and not give a care. But occasionally, it really does hit home and it has been happening to me more and more as the days go by. I guess my resistance as been weakening and I'm really not so sure why. I was always proud to say (not gloat however) that I simply did not care, most things being ones that for example, put me down or just things that do not involve me in anyway. Except now, I even start tearing up when I'm being put down. Especially from other people that are primarily older than me.

As the years go by, I grow more sensitive? Is that a valid explanation? I know that as you get older, more responsibilities are expected from you... but isn't there a limit to how much you can push someone? Pushing them to the top of the cliff and throwing them off the ledge is not something most people are aware of (and I mean that as a metaphor, so please no confusion) and yet it happens constantly, without any thought at all! Sometimes one word can just ruin everything! It really does suck how fragile a human being is and how those who inflict seemingly meaningless pain just don't see how cruel they can possibly be.

But I don't know everything in the universe and I wouldn't know the history of the offender... and quite frankly they may have good reason to say such hurtful words but I believe it's just better to keep your feelings to yourself, regardless of who it is that upset you enough to say those such those words.

(Oh man, I hope I don't sound like a know-it-all or a goody-two-shoes! I felt the need to rant a bit to get some of my frustration out but if anyone reads this and feels the same, I am very grateful u__u)


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